Don’t starve if the zombie apocalypse comes. This essential disaster prepping product will keep you healthy and well-fed without generating much thirst. It is also lightweight, small, and easy to carry wherever the apocalypse takes you. This is what you need to know about this product.

  • Contains 9 pre-measured 400 calorie rations, to last one person up to three days
  • USCG approved for 5 year shelf life within its durable, air sealed Mylar packaging to ensure preservation under all climatic conditions
  • Non-thirst provoking, with a pleasant Lemon flavor. Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements this product does not contain cholesterol or tropical oils
  • Withstands extreme conditions and temperatures (-22F to 149F)

Here are some reviews from real customers:

“I teach in “bush” Alaska, and am always looking for emergency rations to take with me hunting, ice fishing, etc. This year I’m in the Aleutians and we get very high winds and no-fly conditions for a week or more at a time. The only things flying then are the angels and the coast guard, which is for most purposes the same thing. I carry granola bars (good), Sailor boy pilot bread (the Alaska staple) and peanut butter (good but crackers are stale tasting unless toasted). Canned food and MREs are heavy, and MRE’s are expensive. I just weighed 3 MREs that range from 18 ounces to 22 ounces, and are about 1200 calories each. This 3600 calorie bar weighed just over 24 ounces, far less than the 3 MREs required for the same number of calories. Survival situations in Alaska often require a lot of calories, as people tend to be wet and cold. This is a very low cost way to carry good tasting concentrated calories. I bought some of these bars and one of the three I ordered must have had a hole in it as it lost the vacuum seal. This became the one I taste tested. My wife, 2 children, and I all liked the bars, I thought they tasted like a vanilla wafer cookie, but with more of a lemon flavor than vanilla. My wife used to be a girl scout and says they taste like the lemon trefoil (shortbread) cookie. The lemon flavor is not strong, and these were sweetish, but not sweet enough to make me thirsty. I’m going to try a couple of days on these but I’m very impressed with the price and taste so far. It’s pretty hard to get a day’s worth of long-term storable portable food for this price.”

Took 2 packs of these on a 4 day hike with 2 friends in the Appalachians last week just in case we didn’t have any luck catching fish. Its a good thing we brought them too, it was still very cold (frost on the ground each morning) and none of us particularly felt like getting wet. Each pack is scored into 9 pieces (3×3), each piece being roughly 400 cal. We all agreed that the taste was much better than anticipated, like shortbread with just a hint of lemon. Most emergency rations I’ve sampled have had far too much sugar, that was not the case with these. 1 square was enough for a meal; I’m 6’2 200lbs and was satisfied. No negative impact on digestion and the like. The packaging was appropriate, appeared as though it could easily protect the rations for the 5 yr shelf life but was also easy to open, which is good considering the intended purpose and audience. I’ll be keeping a few packs handy for hiking, bug out, storms etc. Some customers had complained that their bars arrived broken up, but mine were whole even after 2 days/15 miles/2900ft of elevation in the bottom of my pack.