If it’s raining and you’re out in the woods, having the proper clothing can save your life. When putting together your disaster prepping kit, a quality rain poncho is a must. Here is one that is lightweight, strong, and will keep the elements off of you.

Size- 5′ width by 4′ length (can open to 8′ length to make an emergency shelter). Poncho in pouch approx. size is 5.5″ x 2.5″ Color- OD/Green Poncho comes in a plastic bag for protection These weigh approx. 7oz. These are heavy duty! Specs: 8415-25-148-5886 made by K.STORMARK KONFEKSJONSFABRIKK A/S. A company in Norway.

Here is what some real customers had to say:

“It is kind of like garbage bag weight, so heavier than the cheap ones. I am 5’2 and it is so huge it goes all the way to my feet and even my hands are covered it’s so wide. I was able to repack it into it’s little bag, about half again longer than it was which still fit in the bag which makes it even more reusable. The sides do not have snaps, but that will actually help it breathe. Many good uses for this poncho/blanket. Glad I bought two. I hear you can get ones that breathe with side snaps for a few dollars more, but for a multi-purpose camping ground sheet, tarp poncho, blanket to keep the rain off, this generous size is quite wonderful for the money, and I like Norwegians anyway lol.”

I tried on the poncho. I am 6′-2″ tall. The poncho came half-way down my calves, so the length is good. I need to try it with a backpack on to see how much coverage I get. The width covered most of my arms, better than some other ponchos I have. The poncho measured 48″ tall (96″ when unfolded) but only 59″ wide – one inch shorter than advertised. However, as I said, I think it did a good job of covering my arms.

It is made of light-weight material. But if you’re not running through brush, it should hold up for several wears. And it has no grommets or snaps on the sides. You might want to keep a length of cord handy to tie around the waist to help keep it closed in high winds.

It took me a while to unfold it because it had so many folds in it. I wouldn’t wait until it’s already raining to get it out of its carrying bag and use it for the first time. I have no intention of ever trying to put it back in the little bag it came in.

Remember, this is advertised as a light-weight, emergency poncho. It’s not intended to be a full-time poncho/tarp/tent/ground cover. But, I think it will do a lot better than many other so-called “emergency” ponchos. And it’s a lot lighter than my regulation Army poncho.“

I bought this for an emergency. So for now it is sitting in a bag I carry around with me at all times. Should I get caught in the rain with no other rain gear with me, then I will open this one up. I like the size it is and truly dont want to have to open it.